Twilight Of the Gods

Top Five Moments of Session 1

5. Frostclaw, provoking Iados into throwing his scythe at him, fails his acrobatics check and is knocked unconscious until the next morning

4.Iados gets a critical miss, and furiously swings his scythe around again, bursts into flame, and dismembers a tentacle.

3.Iados rips a stirge off of himself, holds it in his hand, sets it on fire, and then curb stomps it.

2.The unnamed shifter skewers a stirge, roasts it over Iados (who is on fire) and eats it, regaining all of her health.

1.Caitlin was using savage frenzy on all of our tentacles.

The Adventure Begins
So much ropa.....

It all began in the small dwarven town of Kargat. Ondrace, a cleric of Avandra, met the vengeful warlock [[:Iados:]], who Ondrace believed was one of the five heroes foretold in an ancient prophesy he had unearthed in the old temple library. They agreed to travel together to the Vault of the Wyzark, where Iados believed he could find the powerful wizard he had been pursuing.

In a small pub in Kargat, an shifter employee, Frostclaw accidentally destroyed a valuable cargo of alcohol, infuriating the owner. Frostclaw made the mistake of provoking the dwarfs, who chased him out of town. He was followed by two individuals, both with shady pasts. Jericho was a pitch black dragonborn with an unwavering loyalty to Kas. An unnamed shifter also pursued the fleeing Frostclaw, who was not aware that she was actually his long lost sister.

The two groups met up and decided to make the trek to the Vault of the Wyzark. However, they were unsuccessful in their attempts to locate the Vault and instead walked into the lair of a giant submerged kraken.

After defeating the kraken, a dwarven hunter stumbled upon them and led them to the Vault. He was rewarded with a swift death from Jericho’s greataxe. After finding the entrance of the vault blown apart by powerful magic, the adventurers began to explore the vault.


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