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The Story So Far Note: I’m going to move the plot summery to this page instead of the adventure log due to the fact that I am considering putting some kind of narrative there if I ever have time.

Following the rebuilding of the world, the five heroes, Ondrace, Iados, Jericho, Frostclaw, and Shadowflame burst forth from ancient statues in an underground sanctum. They soon learned that they were in a secret sanctuary of the The Order of the Firstborn, who alone still remembered and believed in the power of the True Gods. For this belief, they were driven into hiding by supporters of Ovokok, the wizard who had stolen the gods’ power.

The monks believed the heroes to be The Five spoken about in ancient legend, the ones who would rekindle the power of the gods. They revealed that gods had survived Ovokok’s recreation of the world, but were now bound to mortal form and unaware of their true identities. The monks tasked the heroes with reawakening the gods to their true nature. Only then could they defeat Ovokok and restore the gods to their rightful place.

The monks directed the heroes to a nearby settlement, where they could become acquainted with the new world. It wasn’t long before the heroes saw smoke rising from the direction of the village. They arrived to find that it had been razed by elves and were themselves quickly surrounded by a large group of warriors.

Then a group of knights came riding out of the smoke and viciously cut down the elven attackers. One of them introduced himself as their commander, Knight Commander Kas. They didn’t have must time to exchange pleasantries, however, as one of the elves transformed herself into a massive panther and attacked the group, crushing Ondrace under a heap of flaming rubble. After a fierce battle, the beast finally fell, only to rise again. Luckily, a messenger had just arrived for Kas bearing a special arrow. Kas fire the arrow into the beast, allowing Tarusian hierocopters to carpet bomb it with a deadly combination of fire and lightning.

Kas took the heroes (including a critically injured Ondrace) to Fort Ascension via hierocopter, only to be immediately arrested by General Tiveran for insubordination. The heroes felt obligated to help Kas and went to visit him in prison. Kas had a plan to escape from jail and infiltrate the elven base through a secret tunnel and plant a beacon inside of it to guide hierocopters through the magical clouds that concealed the base. The heroes agreed to his plan and broke him out of prison.

Main Page

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